About the Author

Rev. Marcy Ann Cheek is a non-denominational wedding minister who married more than 4,000 couples during the 22 years she offered beach weddings in Laguna Beach California.  Rev. Cheek is the originator of The Sand Ceremony, and the Family Blending of the Sands Ceremony.  Her weddings have been on WE Network, Bridezilla and Life Moments.  Rev. Cheek originally published her book in August of 2008, but she says a woman’s desire to find Mr. Right is timeless, and the path to eternal love is eternal. 

In her retirement, Marcy Ann continues to do her weekly radio broadcast Reflections & Celebrations on www.blogtalkradio.com.    All shows are archived and can be listened to any time of the day or night.

Rev. Cheek was married.  Her husband has passed.  She has three grown children, four grown grandchildren and one great grand child.   She resides in Southern California.  You can contact her at mcheek0509@aol.com.